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Program: 2022

Linari Medical

Linari Medical founded in Pisa in 2018, is a pioneer in Neuro Visual Rehabilitation in Telemedicine with AvDesk, a medical device protected by an international patent.

Using a revolutionary approach, supported by numerous scientific publications, we reactivate multisensory neurons through 180° audio-visual stimulation. The fields of application are many: visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive impairment, and cognitive enhancement.

Linari Medical won the Life Science Excellence Awards in 2019, it is present with AvDesk in prestigious hospitals that, in just 20 hours of therapy, have rehabilitated over 200 patients with visual impairments (children and adults) obtaining brain plasticization confirmed by MRI. AvDesk Telemedicine device can be used at home, thanks to its AI system to guide and monitor the patient in real time and the Linari Medical Cloud platform that allows synchronous and asynchronous doctor follow up.